In Person Meditate and Manifest your Month

Mini Workshop @Thrive Pilates - Greystones Co. Wicklow
Saturday - May 27th

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"I am an anchor for people in the stormy sea of life"

ALIGN with your purpose
I am a life coach, intuitive, spiritual guide and meditation teacher.

I am a life coach, intuitive, spiritual guide and meditation teacher.

I inspire, guide and support people, to connect to their TRUE self, so they can get clear and confident, to be FREE to make life changes to create a life they LOVE!

I will connect you to the light and love within, by connecting you to your soul, to who you were born to be. 

Georgina's Story

Are you ready to manifest the life you dream of?

Do you want to be who you were born to be?
Let go of overwhelm, anxiety, stress and fear and be FREE to be the TRUE YOU! 

Are you feeling lost, confused and unsure of what you truly want in life? 

Are you feeling disconnected from your truth and from your heart?

Are you unsure of your purpose in life and struggle to trust your intuition? 

I am here to guide, support and empower YOU, to heal yourself ,by connecting you to your soul, the part of you that has all the answers!

I can hear your Soul’s whispers.

I can hear your Soul’s whispers.

I translate the messages from your Soul and help you understand it’s language, so you can connect your own truth and inner wisdom in your daily life.

Take the first step to creating a life you love…

“ My life has changed beyond recognition since I started working with Georgie 6 years, she has given me the gift of hope, faith and a belief in myself, so I now move through my daily life with a trust in myself, this is priceless. She embodies unconditional love and kindness” 


“Georgina is a beautiful soul, my sessions with her have been so amazing. She always knows exactly what I need to hear and delivers messages in such a kind & compassionate way. Her guidance has been life changing for me and I always come away feeling so much lighter and filled with hope. I would highly recommend working with Georgina as I truly believe everyone needs to experience this magic”


“Georgie guides me in such a way, that I come away from the sessions feeling this deep sense of peace within, I trust myself and my own inner knowing, I feel clearer about what I want but most importantly I feel seen and truly heard”


“I’ve been working with Georgina for the past few years and alway connect with her when I have the *feeling* to do so. She has been such a light in my life and has helped me connect to my inner knowing through some difficult times, including a breakup with my fiance. Working with Georgina has accelerated my growth and helped me to tap into more joy in life! I’m so grateful for her guidance and words every time we connect. She is a gifted healer that has immeasurably impacted my life for the better!”


“Georgina is an Earth angel. Everything she speaks and channels is pure love and when you feel that energy it’s so healing. When I started working with Georgina, I didn’t know what to expect, our first session blew my mind and heart wide open, how she knew the things she knew astounded me. She truly read my Soul, my true self. It opened my heart to what was possible for me and that I could let go of suffering. She gave me hope. I am forever changed by our work together and forever grateful”

Nibbed Kickstarter

Nibbed Kickstarter

I feel so honoured to have been part of the most magical morning to support the launch of @nibbed_cacao product launch and Kickstarter campaign for their new grated Cacao 🙌

To have been asked to lead a meditation to nearly 100 people on my home beach in Greystones was truly special 💛

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The Soulful Life Coach podcast will give you guidance, tools, help and support in the areas of stress, loss, overwhelm, fear, anxiety and offer a spiritual solution, so you can connect to your own truth, inner wisdom and find the answers within.