April 10, 2023

Nibbed Kickstarter

By Joanne Murphy
Nibbed Kickstarter


I feel so honoured to have been part of the most magical morning to support the launch of @nibbed_cacao product launch and Kickstarter campaign for their new grated Cacao 🙌

To have been asked to lead a meditation to nearly 100 people on my home beach in Greystones was truly special 💛

The energy was electric after my friend and soul sister @soulseayogi led us through a power flow, then everyone lay on the sand and let go, they let the sand and the sound of the sea support them and ground them into the present moment 💛

The cacao from @nibbed_cacao nourished, warmed and opened hearts 💛

The oils from @sleepalchemists that were dropped into everyone’s hands during the meditation helped ground and uplift 🌟🙌

The goody bags with cacao, and my fav incense from @bekindincense was the icing on the cake! 🫶

Thank you @carolespeer_photography for capturing it all 💛

And last but not least, thank you to each and everyone of you who came, it was your energy that brought the magic! Getting to hug you and meet many people I know on insta but had never met in person was a true joy! 🌟

Here’s to many more events for community and real connection 🙏🌟💛

It’s only the beginning!! 🙌🙌🫶💛